Complimentary Webinar: Rethinking Raman

Complimentary Webinar: 
Rethinking Raman

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we're Rethinking the conventional approach to Raman. Once reserved for only the highest-end research labs, our user-friendly and solutions-driven instruments are designed to get you the answers you need. This presentation is packed with information to help you appreciate the full power of Raman spectroscopy and how it can help you achieve your goals. We'll also cover detailed technical information, including what to look for in an instrument, highlight some ground-breaking applications, and illustrate how our DXR line of Raman spectrometers give exceptional results right out of the box. This broad overview will provide the expertise you need to make an informed decision about how to make Raman work for you.

Event Date: Wednesday, November 16. 2011
Event Time:
Session 1 - 9:00am EST / 14:00 GMT/UTC  - or-
Session 2 - 4:00pm EST / 21:00 GMT/UTC
Event Duration: 1 hour


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