NEW Mass Spectrometry Tools that will Transform Your Science

These seminars highlight cutting-edge technologies and workflows that are transforming science. Learn how novel Thermo Scientific™ Tribrid™ mass spectrometer architecture and dynamic scan management let researchers delve deeper into the proteome and more easily determine analyte structures. Discover Thermo Scientific™ Active Ion Management (AIM™) technology that increases MS quantitative sensitivity for a wide range of screening applications. Application areas to be explored include proteomics and metabolomics, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical development, clinical research and forensic toxicology, and environmental and food safety testing.

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Welcome and Introduction:

Transforming Discovery with the NEW Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Fusion™ Tribrid™ LC/MS System:
Unmatched Analytical Performance Enabled by a Novel Tribrid MS Architecture to Provide Unprecedented Depth of Analysis for Complex Biological Challenges.

Transforming Quantitative Analysis with the NEW Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Quantiva™ and Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Endura™ Triple Quad LC/MS Systems:
Extreme Speed, Sensitivity, and Robust Workflows to accelerate your progress from “Vial-to-File”.

Application Topics:

New Solutions for Food and Environmental Sample Analysis:
Experience highest sample throughput and lowest LODs with extreme speed, sensitivity and robustness.

Meeting Current and Future Needs of Clinical Research and Forensic Toxicology Labs:
Experience new breakthroughs for measuring low level plasma testosterone for research use, urine multi-drug pain medication panels for forensic use, and drugs of abuse in blood for forensic use with extreme speed, sensitivity, and robustness.

Versatile Workflows for Biotherapeutic Analyses from Research to QC:
New comprehensive characterization workflows for antibody-drug conjugates, impurities and glycans at the intact protein, domain and peptide levels.

Setting a New Standard for Pharmaceutical Structural Analyses:
Novel multiple-fragmentation mechanisms, high yield MSn and depth of analysis for comprehensive structure elucidation of metabolites, impurities, and leachable/extractable compounds.

Changing The Way You Ask Questions About Your Biological System:
New experiments for deep proteome sequencing, multiplexing, structure elucidation and identification of low-abundance proteins with extreme throughput, sensitivity and quantitative accuracy.

New Experiments for Metabolome and Lipidome Profiling with Simultaneous Structural Elucidation:
View the metabolome and lipidome with unprecedented high-resolution and extreme mass accuracy to find the real differences between samples. Use flexible targeted MSn workflows to conclusively identify compounds at very low levels.

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