Catch up on the Foundations to Futures series!

Build a solid foundation then go beyond the ordinary with this webinar series. Learn what you can achieve, now and in the future, with FTIR Spectroscopy. Click on any of the titles below to view on demand.

Webinar 1: Foundations of FTIR: Introduction to Spectral Interpretation
This webinar will give a basic introduction to spectral interpretation as a first step in assigning functional groups and determining qualitative information of materials.
Webinar 2: Foundations of FTIR: Transmission and ATR Sampling
This webinar will cover the similarities and differences between Transmission and ATR techniques, showing their strengths and weaknesses.
Webinar 3: Foundations of FTIR: Microspectroscopy
This webinar will examine the foundations of microspectroscopy – sample preparation, data collection and analysis – using applications from the automotive industry.
Webinar 4: FTIR Futures: Materials Applications with a Multi-Range FTIR Spectrometer
This webinar will discuss new applications and the valuable information you can obtain with push-button access to the extended spectral range.
Webinar 5: Foundations of FTIR: The Basics of Sampling Techniques
This webinar will examine the capabilities of different sampling methods and provide information to help you choose the ideal technique for your samples.
Webinar 6: Foundations of FTIR Microscopy: Sample Preparation Techniques
This webinar will cover basic sample preparation procedures to help you when setting up an FTIR microscopy experiment.